I don’t know the first thing about stock or the stock market but Uncle Pinky did and he died a millionaire. Michael does and his house was featured on a Christmas segment on Home and Garden Television, he’s also a portfolio manager for Thrivent Lutheran so he talks about investments with media such as Reuters and on MSN. Michael got the financial gene from his dad, Uncle Lee who I believe worked for Kidder Peabody or some such investment firm…naturally all are more than comfortable.

I on the other hand have trouble with such basic things as a checking account, my children all did well in Math because my oldest son is a Mensa genius and is currently a math and space physics major. He played with stock recently for a college course and did very well, so perhaps he got his genes from the Binger side of family because he certainly has their hair.

Recently I was introduced to a company called WeSeed: The Stock Market for the Rest of Us. I admit that I wondered how long it would take for someone to realize that a vast number of Americans with at least some money to invest, weren’t. It always seemed like a massive untapped market…like Barrack Obama engaging the disengaged masses.

WeSeed lets you set up a mock account called a PortFAUXlio so you can practice and learn before you invest. Their objective is to make it user friendly and make investing accessible to…well, people like me. The WeSeed website has investment games, like the Cage Match game where you’re shown 2 stock names and you have to the pick which stock is the best investment…you have 60 seconds to get as many correct answers as possible….fun!

I got half right…or half wrong depending on whether you’re an optimist or a pessimist. Anyway, their site is fun, interesting and inviting. You can check out stock in the fashion industry..gamer industry you name it. WeSeed’s friendly approach allows curious interested onlookers to look at investing through fresh eyes in an embrace everyone atmosphere.

Thanks for thinking about people like me WeSeed.


Periodically, when  I hear bad news about the stock market I Google the name of my Mother in Law’s nephew, Michael Binger. Michael is portfolio manager for Thrivent Financial  in Minneapolis. When he’s interviewed he offers sound investment advise and I pay attention not because I  have any investments, honestly I’m afraid of my checkbook, I gather the information  then follow its success just in case I get brave. Among his long list of sound decisions, he invested in Apple before most of us knew Apple would rebound and rock the digital data universe. Since he’s proficient at what he does I thought I’d pass his advise along to the Fish Wrap regulars.

As it would happen, the day I Googled his name Reuter had just published an article that included a brief conversation with him. Here is that experpt:

Mike Binger, portfolio manager at Thrivent Financial in Minneapolis, said, “I think the combination of the big rate cut, the stimulus package and some good corporate earnings are kind of proving to people we’re not falling off a cliff.”

Binger expects continued market volatility, but he thinks financial stocks and technology issues could be bought on the dips. He thinks retailers, another beaten-up sector, may also be worth buying on declines.

I also found a clip from an MSNBC interview at Mall of America where he offer tips to investors who are “shopping for profits.”

Wearing Fuzzy Slippers,

Olive Rockfish

Additional information: Conversations with Reuter