There was a report on WCCO News last night about several anarchist groups planning to disrupt the Republican National Convention in St. Paul.  One of their planned tactics is to block delegates from getting to the convention by bottle-necking the roads.  Do the anarchists realize that one of the stated goals of Republicans is to dismantle the government?  Isn’t that the definition of anarchy?  Why aren’t the anarchists working with the Republicans?

In a side note, if you owned a business, would you hire someone who stated he wanted to dismantle your business?  The answer seems obvious, doesn’t it?  Well then, why would you elect someone to the government if his stated goal is to destroy the very institution he is supposed to be serving?  (This thought is not one that this fish can take credit for.  It comes from Bill Press’s book “Train Wreck”, plus I’ve seen it on some internet sources.)

Watching the waves of anarchy,

Phineas F. A. Pickerel