Have you ever tried to use the search function on the Morrison County Record’s website? I’ve done an awful lot of online research and arrived at decent results, but not with the Record’s search feature. You can type in the most obvious terms associated with a story appearing in the paper and get no hits back. Part of the problem is that the Record does not put every story that appears in the paper version online. That’s troublesome from not only the standpoint of doing a search, but from the fact that it causes gaps in the historic record. If the editorial staff of the Record thinks that a story is important enough to appear in the paper, it should also be important enough to make it online.

Advice to any MC Record staff reading this (and I think a few of you do): 1) Put all of your stories online and 2) Improve the newspaper’s online search function.

Getting a load off my gills,

Phineas F. A. Pickerel