Submitted by Black Marlon:

Dear President-Elect Obama,
I was listening to NPR and they were discussing your selection for the Director of the CIA. It was mentioned that John Brenner was probably high on the list but removed himself from the question due to the reaction of bloggers.
You strike me as the kind of guy who is willing to buck criticism in the interests of achieving the best results. It’s my suggestion that you talk to him and try to convince him to accept the job.

Clearly, Brenner is aware of and concerned with the way things look and to that extent that he’s willing to take the hit to his own career. I cannot imagine anything that is more desperately needed in the CIA than for the CIA to be aware of not only the logistical interests of the United States but also of its Geo-Political interests.
Don’t discount him even though he’s discounted himself.


Al Jazeera is asking the world to vote in a virtual election for the next American president and more specifically they want to know what the world thinks about the candidates for an election whose effects will be felt around the world. The answers may surprise you.

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I’m only sorry I can’t vote for individual who wrote this:

…the remedy for militarism is not a divorce from the world. There is mutual economic dependence among nations, and protectionism can be damaging to everyone. Trade and peaceful engagement must surely be better than political isolationism, which is why I cannot understand Ron Pauls idea to withdraw from the world. There are so many positive lessons and stories to share among nations. This role should be the remit of a revamped and democratic UN as should the rule of law, maintenance of peace and transfer of clean technology for global prosperity and sustainability. This way, we can overcome the ruthlessness of the past, and find common ways for fighting tyranny. Imaginative ideas have no nationality or borders.
Niloufar, Tehran, Iran (excertp from Al Jazeera’s message board)

Breathless…Brooke Trout

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