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While Iraqi reporter and pitcher, Muntadar alZaidi, awaits trial the BBC reports that sales for the brand of shoe that was hurled at President Bush have skyrocketed. There is no word as to the reason for the sudden increase in sales but insiders say that the Lame-Duck President has been practicing weaving and ducking should anyone else hurl over his performance as Commander and Chief.

Muntadar alZaidi’s trial is set for December 31, 2008 where he faces up to 15 years for “aggression against a foreign head of state” which the BBC reports could be reduced to a lesser charge of “attempted aggression” (I didn’t make that part up). No one was injured during the attack except for the shoe-wielding assailant. Muntadar alZaidi’s brother told BBC reporters that he has been abused in detention and plans to file a legal suit over his injuries.

The scheduled trial date was specifically selected to provide Christmas cheer and entertainment to Black Water thugs.

Since a number of individuals including alZaidi have referred to Bush as a dog, the Obama’s are reconsidering the adoption of a new White House mutt and may elect to keep George Walker Bush instead.

Link to online shoe throwing game


Someone recently posted a YouTube video of an Iraqi reporter , throwing his shoes at President Bush.

Someone on Twitter suggested we ship our old shoes to the White House. I didn’t know if he was kidding or not and I didn’t care. As a final act of protest I’m joining the Iraqi reporter and I’m shipping my old shoes to the White House.

Anyone interested in joining me can
ship their old shoes to:
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,
Washington, DC 20500

Reportedly the Iraqi reporter shouted, “This is a kiss goodbye you dog.” My shoes will be shipped with an identical message.

In addition I’m asking folks to assist me in coming up with shoe jokes. Thus far I have:
Chooing the fat in Iraqi
Playing with the Keds
Bush grapples for New Balance
Mock a Sin
Bush foreign policy…Ugg!
Instead of making his way to the DMZ as scheduled, Bush instead arrived at DSW.
Shoe-in For Worst President

Tonight Secret Service and the President of Iraq are sporting T-shirts that say “I’m Not George”, lest there be any confusion among journalist or the general population as to where their hostility should be directed.

Feel free to add your own in the comment section!

The good ol’ United States of America is in debt up to its eyeballs.  Who are we in debt to?  Japan and China are at the top of the list of lenders. has posted a list of the top ten, including the amounts the U.S. owed as of June 2007.  Hang onto your hats as you read this list and ask yourself, “What’s going on in the Cayman Islands?”

This is money we have to pay back . . . with interest.


Phineas F. A. Pickerel

Check out this story from MSNBC:  Rachel Ray ad pulled as pundit sees terror link.  Food Network celeb Rachel Ray has been doing some commercials for Dunkin’ Donuts.  In one Dunkin’ Donuts TV ad, she appears with a black and white scarf around her neck.  Fox News commentator Michelle Malkin claims that the scarf is an Arab kaffiyeh and says that it’s a symbol of terrorism.  What a load of shit!  But the dumbest part of the whole issue is that Dunkin’ Donuts decided to cave into the Fox News propaganda machine and pulled the ad, even though the company explained that the scarf was not a kaffiyeh.  My question is, so what if it was?  Now a piece of clothing makes someone a terrorist?  What has this country come to that we make decisions based on silly fictional statements blurted from the mouths of people who want to stir our hatred?

Taking a chill pill,

Phineas F. A. Pickerel

A friend sent this link and it’s too important not to share.  It’s a piece by Larisa Alexandrovna of The Huffington Post and shows the historical links of President Bush’s grandfather Prescott to Nazi Germany.

All the President’s Nazis (Real and Imagined): An Open Letter to Bush

Read it and weep.

Swimming sadly,

Phineas F. A. Pickerel

While I have long thought that the Bush/Cheney administration is a disgrace to the United States, a poll among residents of other countries now proves it.  When asked, “Which world leaders poses a danger to world peace?”, respondents ranked Osama bin Laden first, George W. Bush second, and  Kim Jong-Il third.  Who’s part of the “Axis of Evil” now, Mr. Bush?

Wishing for a new leader in the pond,

Phineas F. A. Pickerel

For those of you who faithfully stay abreast of what is happening with American agriculture and the meat industry;  this ones for you.

The U.S. Olympic team decided to take its own food to Beijing after a massive chicken breast is found to contain high levels of steroids.  So they’re bringing free range or something…nope, more like KFC.

Here’s that report…

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