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Not just any lunar eclipse refracted light will turn the Moon a dusky red and tonight there will be a rare bonus, Saturn will be visible, for those of us in North America. The ringed planet will be 3.5 degrees above and to the left of the moon’s center at midtotality. At the same moment, the bright bluish star Regulus will sit just 2.8 degrees above and to the right of the moon. This double event will be the only one of its kind occurring within the next millennium!

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Happy Mooning!



In body surfing online (pretty easy to do if you’re a fish), I found something that may be of interest to Morrison County citizens.  Project Censored has released its list of the Top 25 Censored Stories of 2008.  The list includes such items as our loss of habeas corpus (and that includes all Americans, not just terrorists, or foreign nationals, or what have you), President Bush’s move toward martial law, Operation FALCON raids (a giant sweep of suspected “fugitives” directed by former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales), the privatization of America’s infrastructure, a law that exempts torturers from prosecution, the passing on of genetic code that’s been altered by industrial chemicals to our children, the expansion of the Terror Act to include animal rights groups, the contamination of our water by the military and corporations, and much more.

You know, we may just want to keep half an ear on the “Black Helicopter” folks that live in western Morrison County and Todd County.  Let’s not reject all conspiracy theories out of fin.

Coughing up polluted water while mourning the loss of habeas corpus,

Phineas F. A. Pickerel