I was listening to a program on Minnesota Public Radio this past week on which Michael Osterholm, former Minnesota epidemiologist and current director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, was a guest.  Osterholm is a HUGE supporter of food irradiation.  At one point during the program, he said that there are still fervent anti-irradiation people out there and he referred to them as “radicals.”  The way he said the word made it very clear to me that he is unwilling to listen to anyone who has anything to say on the issue that disagrees with what he believes.  That’s not a good way for a scientist to behave.

Please don’t irradiate me!  (Trust me, I won’t taste very good that way.)

Phineas F. A. Pickerel


The following is a report from Fish Wrap Correspondent Black Molly:


On Friday, July 11, 2008, the Morrison County government and citizens bade a fond farewell to County Administrator Tim Houle.  Tim has served the county since 1994, first as County Coordinator and then, when the county narrowly approved the redefinition of the position, as County Administrator.  Houle is leaving Morrison County in order to serve as the new Crow Wing County Administrator, a position he was a candidate for in 2000.

The afternoon event was filled with gratitude for the work Houle has done for the county and region from such dignitaries as Representative Al Doty, the Morrison County Commissioners, former Representative Steve Wenzel, and several commissioners from adjoining counties.  One of the Crow Wing County Commissioners spoke at the event, saying that Houle had induced a rare unanimous vote among Crow Wing’s Commissioners when the decision was made to hire him.

Senator Paul Koering had attended the event earlier in the afternoon, but was unable to stay to present Houle with a plaque of appreciation.  This, along with other plaques and gifts, was presented through the course of the afternoon.

Along with expressing thanks for his work and sharing congratulatory remarks, county staff gave Houle a bit of a roasting.  Perhaps toasting would be a more appropriate word, but not toasting in the sense of raising a glass.  Instead, employees of Morrison County Public Health presented Houle with a golden toaster, a symbol of Houle having banned the use of a toaster in the Public Health office after several incidents of burnt toast set off fire alarms in the Government Center.

Further, Houle was presented with a Superman “S” to wear on his chest after making public remarks about the fact that he was an ordinary guy who didn’t have a big red “S” underneath his shirt.  Several comments were also made about the reflectiveness of Houle’s head and how Nathan Richardson, one of the county’s founders, and Houle were rivals in the head size department.

The presentation ended with Houle saying that he had played only a small part in the county’s accomplishments and that everyone, from the front-line county workers dealing with the public on up to the County Commissioners, was responsible for how well the county is being run.

In this fish’s opinion, Houle’s modesty is sincere, but he most assuredly deserves credit for the leadership he has brought to Morrison County and his use of that leadership to inspire those in the county to provide friendly and efficient service to Morrison County’s citizens.

We’re going to miss you, Tim.  Thanks for your dedication and service.

Your Fish Wrap Correspondent,

Black Molly

For those of you who faithfully stay abreast of what is happening with American agriculture and the meat industry;  this ones for you.

The U.S. Olympic team decided to take its own food to Beijing after a massive chicken breast is found to contain high levels of steroids.  So they’re bringing free range or something…nope, more like KFC.

Here’s that report…

A Family Fighting for Answers

—— Portsmouth Woman Dies from what doctors believe could be the human form of mad cow disease, autopsy to confirm.

—>Portsmouth woman may have the human form of mad cow disease.

Just as fears over the largest beef recall in U.S. history began to dissipate, today Reuter, Madrid reported the deaths of 2 people in Spain who recently died from the human form of Mad Cow disease also known as variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD).  who also reported on the event stated that the two who died were “youngsters” who were thought to have consumed the tainted beef some eight years earlier. Very few details are being given at this time and no information about the two who died is currently being released.

Saturday at 6pm central time and 5 pm Sunday on CNN,  Lou Dobbs will interview presidential candidate Ralph Nader.

Nader has been a thorn in the side of presidential candidates, raising important questions on health care, consumer safety and the war in Iraq.

See the broadcast here—> Lou Dobbs Talks with Nader

A special thank you to U.S. Cable for publishing incorrect information in their online T.V guide:  According to their listing Lou Dobbs was scheduled to begin at 5… sorry folks it starts at 6. Is it paranoid to wonder if they did that on purpose?

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