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I’m sad to see Joyce Moran leave the Morrison County Record, sad and maybe a little dismayed. For the short time I worked at the Record Joyce was one of my supervising editors and I appreciated the qualities she brought to the Record. While my other editor was busy sanitizing everything I wrote to make local officials look good sponging out direct quotes from public meeting that he didn’t want the public to read, it was Joyce who ultimately went to bat to retain the integrity of stories that were published. 

With Joyce Moran gone maybe Tom West can just turn the paper over to the GOP make a few minor changes in their lit pieces and add his name to it …errr, or did he already do that?


Olive Rockfish

WordPress recently listed blogs that have gained the most popularity recently and Morrison County based Fish Wrap ranked number 21 among English language sites. Who knew.

Update: February 4, 2007 – slipped to number 40.

Okay, so it only lasted for 24 hours.  We had fun basking in the sun.

 Bubbling Brooke Trout

There was recently a discussion among those of us at Fish Wrap as to whether or not we should establish an annual award for the most despicable act or actions by a county resident. Suckerlip Blenny thought the award name should mirror the theme of our blog and s/he was subsequently witty enough to suggest that we name the award The Bass Turd Award.

While the suggestion was primarily in jest, I did wonder…who would rank as our top nominees for 2007?

Trolling for Trouble,

Brooke Trout

It jumped right out at me.  Who could miss it?  From the wording, it looked as though people entering Little Falls had a shot at scoring some drugs.  Quite unfortunate, in my opinion.  Here was the headline on the front page of this week’s Morrison County Record:

Crack found on CR 76 bridge heading into Little Falls

Not “Structural crack found.”  Not “Crack found in . . . .”  Nope.  “Crack found on . . . .”  Sounds like fodder for Jay Leno’s Headlines segment.

As if that wasn’t enough, here’s a headline from the Court and Crimes section of the same paper:

Flensburger arrested for false calls*

I thought, hmm, who is this man called Flensburger?  I read the article and discovered that the man’s name is not Flensburger at all.  Ohhh, I get it.  Flensburger is a fancy way of saying “a resident of Flensburg.”  Not in all my years as a Morrison County resident have I ever heard someone from Flensburg called a Flensburger.  You know, it sounds like a fancy hamburger, doesn’t it?  Maybe the good folks of Flensburg should whip something up and market it.

Blissfully blowing bubbles up to the surface,

P.F.A. Pickerel

*(You’ll not find the same headline for the story online as the one that appeared in the actual newspaper.  Sometimes it pays to wait for the paper edition.)