Morrison County is smack-dab in the middle of Minnesota, U.S.A., and has a population of 32,919. It is bisected by the Mighty Mississippi River, which served as a highway for the Dacotah and Ojibwe Indians, French and English fur traders, explorers, and early European American settlers. The county seat is Little Falls, which has a population of about 8,180. The city was so named because of a natural waterfall at the site. The waterfall was successfully harnessed for heavy-duty use by a dam in 1887, after two previous attempts. This led to the industrial development of the city as businesses like flour mills, Hennepin Paper Company, and Pine Tree Lumber Company moved in to take advantage of the water power.

Morrison County’s geography is mixed prairie and woodland due to having been situated at the front edge of the last glacial epoch. Northern Morrison County features eskers, large hills that were formed from the deposits of earth pushed up by the glaciers. Those glaciers also left behind a lot of lakes, too, which have become quite popular as second home sites for the well-to-do. The locals call some of these ostentatious homes “McMansions.”

The county is one of the most ethnically diverse in the state, being home first to the Dacotah, Ojibwe, and briefly the Winnebago, Indians, and later to settlers from France, Canada, England, Poland, Germany, Scandinavia, Ireland, Scotland, and Austria. This mix of nationalities has contributed over the years to a general conservatism in values, with an especially strong lean toward one-issue politics: the anti-abortion movement. There are streaks of liberality that run through the county, and the result is that most of the population has a down-to-earth, balanced view of things.

The local media, however, is dominated by conservative thought. The Morrison County Record, which is owned by ECM Publishers out of Coon Rapids, MN, has a definite right-wing slant, even though it tries to keep up the appearance of being unbiased. There are four radio licenses available to the Morrison County area through the FCC. Three of them are owned by Chris and Rod Grams, owners of Little Falls Radio. Rod was formerly a Republican U.S. Senator for Minnesota.

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