When it comes to Sarah Palin, what matters most is not that she’s a woman.  It’s how she will assist in leading the country.  Or, rather, how she will lead the country, if she figures out what the Vice President does and how Dick Cheney has ramped up the power of the office.  Here’s an article from the New York Times that details how she has behaved as a leader in Alaska.  In short, she finds ways to get rid of government employees that aren’t absolutely loyal to her.  While this might be good practice for setting up a White House cabinet, it’s not good for building useful working relationships.  Perhaps what’s most disturbing is Palin’s habitual policy of conducting government business using private email accounts so that her decisions, dealings, comments can’t be tracked.  (She really does sound like a female Dick Cheney, doesn’t she?)  When it comes to our government, the public has a right to know what’s going on.  Absolute secrecy is dangerous for a democracy.  If Palin is willing to do this on the state and local level, you can bet that this habit will follow her to the White House if she’s elected.  Is this a path you want your government to continue to take?

As a bonus, here’s a blog post from Mudflats that discusses the giant “Alaska Women Reject Palin” Rally that took place September 14, 2008.

It’s easier to see in a transparent pond,

Phineas F. A. Pickerel