I’ve run across a couple of links that examine Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s government-related activities in Alaska.  These are definitely worth a read, especially the email comment letter by Anne Kilkenny that has gone viral.  The letter has been reprinted in this blog post at My 2 Bucks.  Judah Freed talked to Anne about the viral letter in the Examiner of Minneapolis.  [Addendum 9/6/08 – Freed’s article links directly back to the original source of Kilkenny’s letter.  It appeared in the comments section of an article in The Washington Independent by Laura McGann.  Kilkenny’s letter can no longer be seen with the article.  While the letter was still viewable when I first posted, it appears to have been removed since then.]

Backing up Kilkenny’s letter is information in this post from Suzanne Fisher’s Public Historian blog.

While all of this may seem as though people are picking on Sarah Palin, when it comes to a person who may end up being the leader of the free world (which would occur if John McCain is elected and something happens to him), I’d say we need to know where that person stands in terms of the governmental policies and laws she will attempt to impose upon the American people.  And if you think the Executive Branch of our government doesn’t have this sort of power – that law-making is Congress’s job – then you’d better reexamine what has been happening under George W. Bush’s reign.

Fish heads may roll if the Pit Bull is put in charge,

Phineas F. A. Pickerel