This is like a page from the daytime soaps…I wonder if Sarah Palin will be nominated for an Emmy?

Pictures from a Myspace page that is now locked down, with Levi’s (father to Bristol’s baby) sister holding Trig calling him her baby brother. If Sarah is the mother of Trig this doesn’t make sense either. Here’s that link.

There has been much discussion regarding Bristol Palin’s pregnancy being a “family matter,” but is that really the case?  Here is a story that appeared in the Washington Post regarding slashed funding to teen moms.

This blog has a screen shot of the actual MySpace page with the original captions.

Have Levi and Bristol heard of condoms or is that against their religious beliefs?  For her sake I hope not or that poor girl will be carrying her uterus around like a handbag on a dummy-string by the time she’s 28.

Bristol, Track, Trig…unusual names are easy to remember but these are odd, they are more like locations. Maybe they’re places she got pregnant…like on top of her math book…and maybe we’ll find Sarah Palin’s baby bump hiding under the sofa in the oval office next to George W’s WMD’s and Dick Cheney’s dust collecting heart.