If you just exclaimed mother what?  I’m with you.

Wal-Mart is so enraptured with carbon monoxide treated meat and fish, a technology recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration that  they have taken the process one step further.

 In itself, carbon monoxide treated meat gives meat the appearance of being fresh even when the meat has spoiled or is old. In short it stays red.

Wal-Mart liked this deceptive technology so well that they’ve kicked it to the next level by making the carbon monoxide treated meat look like it was packaged by the deli. A packaging system known as the motherbag.

In the motherbag system, meats are made to look like they’ve been package on-site. They are wrapped in permeable cellophane and placed on trays.  Then the  trays of meat are bagged and the outter bag is infused with carbon monoxide. While the trays of meat travel to Wal-Mart destination far and wide the carbon monoxide gradually seeps through the cellophane to ensure that meat stays fresh looking indefinitely.

It’s only one atom away from the carbon dioxide we exhale, right? How bad can that be…