As we posted previously, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been considering allowing meat and fish treated with carbon monoxide to be sold to consumers. The measure hassince been approved and carbon monoxide treated meat and fish will begin hitting supermarkets across the country.

The exclusive purpose for treating meat with carbon monoxide is to deceive consumers, carbon monoxide causes meat to remain fresh looking indefinitely….even after the meat has spoiled. While many consumers rely on visual inspection of  foods to determine freshness, the addition of carbon monoxide makes it difficult if not impossible to determine whether or not meats and fish are fresh or even unsafe for human consumption.

The worst part of the FDA’s approval of this technonlogy is that they didn’t require the meat and fish industries to label it so you won’t know if the meat or fish has been treated with carbon monoxide gas or not.

It sort of reminds of those monarchies that used to dump rotten food on on hungry peasants.

Click here to contact your Congress person, tell them that you want meats and fish treated with carbon monoxide to be labeled.