It started with a GOP-slanted article attacking Representative Al Doty’s support of the gas tax.  The article appeared in the View Point section of the Morrison County Record, but had no author attributed to it.  The Record’s policy states that it won’t accept unidentified opinion pieces.  From there, we got an explanation and an apology from the paper’s editor and general manager Tom West.  Turns out he had edited a press release submitted by the county Republicans.*

This week, in the Morrison County Record, we get Al Doty’s take on the situation with his letter to the editor.  We’ll let his letter speak for itself.

The water’s getting clearer,

Phineas F. A. Pickerel


*P.S.  I’ve only linked to Al Doty’s letter here, rather than to the other stories, which are linked in this post on Fish Wrap.  There’s a reason for that.

When you hover over stories we have linked to that appeared in the Morrison County Record, the SnapShots window comes up with a little message.  It says, “Accessed Denied – We are sorry to inform you that your IP address has been blocked from this site due to possible malicious behavior.  Your IP address has been tracked visiting one or more websites and requesting content too frequently.  The number of . . . . ”  That’s where the message cuts off.

I can’t explain why the message is popping up, except that there must be some sort of blogging rule I missed about linking back to a news source too frequently and making commentary on it.  You’ll have to determine whether my commentary has indeed been malicious.  If you disagree with my views, you’ll probably think I’ve been malicious.  If you agree, you’ll likely not label me in that way.  Interesting how there are subtle ways to squelch free speech.

Even though the message is popping up, you should still be able to link through to the stories.