About a month ago I posted an article on the health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV).  In that article I discussed its effectiveness in addressing sinus and allergy issues.  I also reported that my younger sister was using ACV to lower her cholesteral after her doctor said she needed a prescription. Weeks after starting ACV her cholesterol fell enough for her to avoid needing a prescription (as previously reported), now several month later my sister has reported that the addition of flax and daily doses of ACV has lowered her cholesterol by 27 points!

She was as stunned as we are.

My mother has also been faithfully taking ACV for allergies she too has high cholesterol, I will report back on the results of her next cholesterol test.

Bottoms Up!

Brooke Trout

For additional information on the history and health benefits of ACV check out Susan Draves post titled: Apple Cider Vinegar: A New Drug of Choice?

***As a side note to the list of health benefits included in Draves post, my sister and I have both noted amazing complexion changes since adding ACV to our daily routine. My pores are smaller, my skin is no longer oily, my skin tone is more even and I have by far less break outs. I can also say that my menstrual cramps improved but I didn’t connect it to the ACV until I noted that others noticed the same thing, I just thought I was getting old. My eczema on my scalp is gone except if I miss a dose and my hair in general looks and feels healthier. The toenails on my pinky toes were discolored, I think it was that nail fungis they had been that way for years, they went back to normal after I started drinking ACV.  My mother and I are convinced that ACV boosts your immune system. At the first hint of a scratchy throat we hit the ACV, neither of us have caught a cold or the flu all winter. Having been in groups together where everyone else came down with the flu, it seemed to bypass my mother and I.

Just remember that adding equal parts of honey or syrup and ACV with water will make the elixir palatable, I’ve also read where flavored tea was added to the elixir and consumed warm. I thought it was a great tip!