I caught a chunk Ralph Nader’s speech at George Washington University this morning on C-Span 2. In his speech Nader said that the central issue in America right now is corporate power, connecting that statement to the overwhelming influence corporations have on what we read, on war, on legislation… and on and on. Nater went on to link his discussion to an article written in Business Week eight years ago. In the year 2000 Business Week polls showed that nearly three-quarters of Americans thought business had gained too much power over too many aspects of their lives. That was 8 years ago.

Nader’s campaign website lists 12 key issue that matter for 2008, issues that all major party candidates consider “off the table.” If you do nothing else read and understand this list, these are key issues that Americans should be asking presidential candidates hard questions about and that demand all presidential candidates move these issues “on to the table”.

Twelve Issues that Matter for 2008