Seems an ironic coincidence that I have a friend totally unrelated to Fish Wrap who uses the pseudonym Orange Ruffy. During the day I know her as Mary, a recent graduate, teacher and 40 something mother of 5. But in and around all of that she is one of the North Star Roller Girls and skates under the pseudonym Orange Ruffy because…well she has red hair.


At last weekends bout at the Minneapolis Convention Center Orange Ruffy slipped in a bathroom stall and hit the toilet which then dislodged from the wall spraying her with ice cold toilet water an incident I’ll call the Kohler Plunge.  As an encore performance and to raise money for the Special Olympics Orange Ruffy and the North Star Roller Girls will be taking the Polar Plunge today in Minneapolis.

Help them reach their fund-raising goal and by donating today to the Special Olympics.

The Special Olympics link will bring you to the Find a Team web page, click Minneapolis then use the drop down menu and scroll to North Star Roller Girls…if for no other reason than to read some of their outrageous names like Ida Kildher.