Stop President Bush for getting a slush fund that would enable the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to continue to put the public at risk — take action today!

President Bush is asking Congress for no strings to be attached to the budget for the WhiteNo Slush Fund for Bush! House’s own offices.  He’s asking for a 5.6% increase in spending for White House offices, including $7 million — with no accountability limits — for the OMB regulatory office that wields power to delay and wekaen public protections for the environment, safety, public health, consumers, privacy, and much more.

To top it off, the president wants to turn the White House budget into a slush fund, with the power to transfer up to 10% of funds among offices.  That could mean much more funding for the OMB regulatory office — which puts wealthy corporate special interests ahead of the public interest.

Tell Congress that it’s time for less funding and more accountability:  no slush fund for OMB to put us at risk!