As I checked Fish Wrap stats yesterday I was mystified at the the sudden attention given to a story posted regarding the Pierz Area Coalition (PAC).  The PAC is a local group targeting the issue of underage drinking. As I began tracing backwards I discovered that the PAC was recently interviewed by the St. Cloud Times and a subsequent dialog began on the St. Cloud Times message board called Story Chat.

Somewhere on Story Chat a rumor began that accused the PAC of lobbying to prevent parents with minor children from having alcohol in their homes.

Having once worked as a lobbyist this struck me a amusing and I tried to imagine getting legislators, most of whom have children of their own, to co-author a bill that would make it illegal to have alcohol and children in the same home. I giggled imagining the expressions such a request would generate. Then I imagined trying to get a bill like that a hearing in both the house and senate. I gigged some more.

Having read several interviews from several sources on the PAC as well as some to the news generated regarding the proposed legislation, I knew this was nonsense. So I continued backtracking, trying to find an originating source for the rumor, a journey that lead me directly to Facebook.

Facebook is a social networking website that began in 2004 and has about 62 million active users.There I discovered a group called People Against the Pierz Area Coalition (PAPAC). PAPAC appears to be a group of high school students who identify themselves as “the Beer Bong Champion & the One Beer Queer.” Here is their group’s introduction on Facebook:  

The People against the P.A.C. This group is for people who feel that underage drinking is ok as long as we dont get all pie faced drive and hit shit. The P.A.C is lobbying to have it made illegal for households with minors in them to have alcohol. They want to make it illegal to have graduation parties with alcohol even if you are over 21. Just cause some nut job mom had some bad experences with it doesent mean she has to go all ape shit and make the P.A.C

And so ends my journey, the notion that the PAC is lobbying for legislation to prevent parents from owning alcohol appears to have started with a group of kids and a soapbox to promote it. While it all may seem like kids just having a good time I don’t think its too early for parents to explain to their children that life comes with rules not only about underage drinking but rules about what constitutes libel and defamation on public venues and Terms of Use Agreements that most venues including Facebook, have.

I fully support PAPAC organizing a grassroots effort to make their voices heard but they do need to edit out the inaccurate accusations.  That having been said, personally, I have no problem with parents serving alcohol in their home to their own children but I strongly object to anyone who presumes it’s okay to serve mine.