I was especially interested in a newsletter I received this week from Dr. Mercola’s website, it had an article on a mother’s look at the connection between chemically & genetically manipulated foods and its correlation to the increased number of children with food allergies, a topic that hit very close to home.

I discover Dr. Mercola’s website when I was working as a lobbyist on food policy issues such as irradiation, labeling requirements and country of origin labeling. I admit that when I began diving into the American food system I thought people who shopped organic and complained about GMO’s were neurotic, anti-government lunatics who were paranoid that some innocuous chemical might give them cancer. I was of course astonished to learn that about one-fourth of all cancers come from the foods we eat. With that I thought of all the loved ones I lost to cancer over the years and wondered who would still be alive today if the U.S. implemented a more stringent approval process. (Remember, the U.S. doesn’t have national health care so illness and the need for prescription drugs fuels industries worth bazillions . Chemicals that are banned in the European Union are sold by the tons in the U.S. The American Food system requires that you prove a chemical causes harm rather than placing the emphasis on proving that it is safe.)

As much as government pretends to be oblivious of which foods may be the culprits it was heartbreaking to learn that they know more than they would like us to believe. Of course it naturally came to follow that the more I learned the more frightened and disheartened I became and gradually my shopping habits changed.

Nothing served as a better catalyst for change than my youngest child and only daughter. Most food made her sick. If she didn’t have a debilitating stomach ache, she broke out in burning pancake sized welts from head to toe with out explanation. Our doctors office ran a blood test checking her against a handful of common allergens which told us very little.

Since modern medicine shed no light on what was happening I began scrutinizing the foods I brought into the house. With that I started eliminating chemicals from our diet, I made foods from scratch, chose the freshest ingredients and shopped organic. Suffice it to say we were successful in reducing the number of allergic reactions but we also learned a lot about food and the poor nutritional content offered by processed goods.
Among the resources I used to review the safety of the foods we were were consuming was Center for Science and Public Interest. Along with a dearth of information and current food policy issues being played out on Capitol Hill, they offered an extensive list of food additives and an assessment as to its safety then they site the research they used to base their assessments. (If you click the link be sure to scroll down to view the list of additive.)

Food for thought,

Olive Rockfish

Watch for the next installment of Allergies and Food, Part II: Nambudripad’ Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET)