Almost a year ago I was plagued with a sinus infection which became excruciatingly painful over a weekend when the clinics were closed. I was in too much pain to ignore it so I took to the internet and searched out natural cures for sinus infections and discovered a website called Earth Clinic.

I liked their website because it offered a host of natural cures then encouraged people to post whether or not the remedy helped them.  Among the suggestions for curing a sinus infection was taking regular doses of organic Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). They suggested an 2 Tbs. 3 times a day but recommended increasing that dose if you had an actual infection.

I was in such pain that my ears were starting to hurt and none of the over the counter remedies were taking the edge off. I was just desperate enough to try it. I bumped the dose to an eighth of a cup held my breath and drank it in juice. It was so vial that I gave me the heebie jeebies but within 15 minutes by ears began to crackle and the pressure in my head started to dissipate,  I was astonished. Within 12 hours I was 80% better within 2 days all symptoms were gone. I didn’t see a doctor and I didn’t use over the counter drugs.

After the infection was gone I began a maintenance routine drinking 2 Tbs. 3 times a day in juice. During the periods that I was able to stick to the regime I eliminated 80% of the medications I had been taking. My sinus problems were such that I had not only been taking several doses of Advil Cold and Sinus daily but along with that I was on Singular, Astelin nasal spray and Allegra D. After starting the ACV routine I eliminated all drugs except the Astelin. I was breathing better, sleeping better because I was breathing better, it was nothing short of a miracle.

In addition to the aid it provided to my chronic sinus problems it also controlled all of my allergy symptoms, from itchy watery eyes to sneezing attacks. It was so successful that my mother, who was also bothered by periodic allergies, began the ACV routine too. We have both noted that at the first hint of a cold, ACV seems to blow cold symptoms out of the water.

But the remedy wasn’t without a catch. ACV is so pungent that forcing myself to swallow it became increasingly difficult. If I slacked off on a dose I would feel it within 24 hours. If I missed several doses all my symptoms returned painful as ever and I would have to work my system back up to a state of optimum functioning.

What I learned during these periods was that the ACV worked better than any over the counter medication or any prescription drug. But I stopped short of spreading the fantastic news because it simply wasn’t a palletable.

On day my son read the ACV bottle and it recommended that 1 to 2 Tbs. of maple syrup be added to the ACV to kill the taste, I added a tablespoon and gave it a try. The flavor reminded me of a flat beer, not great but a palatable improvement over trying to mask the ghastly taste in grape juice. The change was profound enough that it made taking ACV as a regular routine completely realistic and I’ve been doing it ever since.

Two month ago, my medical insurance was bungled by my insurance company. It took several months to get the situation rectified and I went without coverage for nearly 10 weeks. During that time there were several period that I simply could not afford to pay for the one prescription I still used on an as needed basisand that was Astelin. Since I was able to faithfully maintain my ACV routine I only experienced 2 days of sinus pain out of a cumulative total of 30 days without medication. Both of those days were preceded by a missed ACV dose because I wasn’t home to take it. This was a small miracle, I functioned 100% drug free for the first time in a decade. While I still maintain my Astelin prescription I no longer require it twice a day.

Since this entire ACV experiment began I have successfully eliminated 90% of the drugs I was taking for allergies and sinus problems and its success has surpassed the results of all the drugs combined. I breath  better and I sleep better, I feel like I did before my allergies and sinus issues became an issue.

In addition to the respiratory benefits I’ve also noticed that my skin problems have cleared up. I used to be bothered by minor eczema on my scalp. It goes away when I use ACV, actually all my irritating skin symptoms go away. ACV clears up minor breakouts but even better, its gotten rid of my oily skin problem. Now I am not dry or oily my complexion is just nicely balanced.

 Additionally, ACV is also recommended for high blood pressure,. When my younger sister’s doctor recommended putting her on a prescription drug for high blood pressure, my sister went shopping for an alternative remedy. I suggest ACV and she tried it, it was so successful that drug intervention was no longer necessary. Today, she and her husband take ACV faithfully.

Some of the emerging notions regarding disease and health indicates that many of the problems we suffer from are dietary related. Scurvy is a good example and the use of Cranberry juice to treat yeast infections serves as another. Since both work as successful remedies, maybe it isn’t a long walk to consider that the same could be true for other health conditions.

Since my journey for a home remedy began I’ve saved loads of money on over the counter meds alone which used to cost me about $7.00 a week, I’ve eliminated Singular and Allegra D, I’m down to 1 dose of Astelin, I feel better, sleep better, I’ve stopped buying special scalp shampoos and I’ve stopped purchasing skin care products that claim to aid oily skin because I don’t need them anymore.

In posting this blog, I’m not recommending anyone stop taking prescriptions, I am suggesting that simple home remedies can produce staggering health benefits even if your M.D thinks your silly and ridiculous.

Breathing Better,

Brooke Trout