Third Party Politics : Bush and Gore Make Me Want to Ralph

As I was reviewing the MC Record online I noted that in the month of December ECM’s capitol reporter T.Budig submitted a 3 part series on former Governor Venture, it was printed over a 4 week time period. I skimmed the articles which were rich with interviews with  state legislators and the governor. The articles offered commentary on the Ventura administration and personal reflections. One of the article even included a current physical description of Jesse and  indicated he was clean shaven with moderately long hair.

At this juncture I have to ask the tough question: Who gives a shit?

The state is on the verge of kicking off the 2008 legislative session and the capitol reporter rounds up key legislators and the governor to take a postpartum look at Jesse? Surely, you jest. I couldn’t help but look at this series and conclude that its only material relevance could have been a discussion on the impact that third or even fourth party political candidates have on  elections and more specifically how it impacts state political parties in terms of election funding. A topic that might be timely and relevant but its mentioned only briefly in the series and never explored.

The one question that is specifically asked regarding 3rd party candidates focused on whether or not a Jesse election upset could happen again.  Then story goes on to reminded Minnesotans of the highs and lows of the Jesse years. Naturally, the highs were discussed in general, nondescript terms and the lows were discussed with specificity and careful articulation , one headline called Jesse paranoid. While the series flim-flams as to whether or not a Jesse upset could happen again, its material point appears to be nothing more than an excuse to smear third and fourth party politician and shame Minnesota for moving away from the status quo during that election cycle. This is almost amusing given the disaster  our Republican President has made of …everything.  Are we actually calling a time out to mock Jesse’s administration while the CIA destroys torture evidence?

But thanks to Dub-ya Bush the answer to the probing Jesse question, could another Jesse upset happen again? Is a resounding no, not right now because Americans are too scared . Jesse won the election when Minnesotans felt safe and comfortable, and dissatisfied with the same old, same old.  While the election of Jesse made a strong statement as to Minnesota’s readiness for change … Minnesota failed to elect a legislature with a compatible agenda. That having been said, even under the best circumstances its unlikely Ventura would have delivered the change his constituents had hoped for.

Americans today aren’t shopping for sweeping change, we’ll be content if someone would just sweep the House. We’re shopping for a rational, fiscally responsible candidate who can aid America on her long, strident climb back to mediocrity.

Charging the Electric Broom,

Brooke Trout