While the Morrison County Record has the words “Morrison” and “county” in its title, in the past, the newspaper hasn’t always appeared to cover the whole of the county with the fervor it has used in covering the news of Little Falls.  Remember when Pierz and Royalton news appeared in Section B, as though it was no more than an afterthought?  When ECM Publishers took over the paper, that changed and news from other communities around the county began to be featured in Section A.  It was a much-needed improvement, imho.  In this week’s Record, the main article on the front page is called, “County leaders share their 2008 resolutions.”  I was half expecting the old Record as I began to read it, thinking the article would feature mostly Little Falls leaders.  The Rec surprised me though, starting its article with the resolutions of Motley’s Bob Jenkins.  The paper covered the resolutions of leaders from Randall, Pierz, and Royalton.  Don’t worry, the Little Falls folks weren’t forgotten.  More of them were reported on than from the other areas, but still, the Rec is making some progress in evening out the coverage.

My tail is just as important as my dorsal fin,

Phineas F. A. Pickerel