Minnesota Public Radio’s Jeff Horwich visited 107 year old Marie Ring on Decemeber 16th at St. Otto’s nursing home to talk to her about her life.  His radio show was taping a segement called The Year According to You,  specifically they were looking for news stories that had been overlooked by mainstream news media in 2006, a journey that brought Jeff Horwich to Little Falls, Minnesota.

Last year Marie Ring made U.S. history when, at the age of 106 she became a U.S. citizen. Marie is the 2nd oldest person in United States history to obtain her citizenship,  surpassed only by a 117 year old Armenian man from California. As a tribute to Marie, Jeff Horwich wrote and peformed a song in her honor during the taping of the In The Loop’s segment, The Year According to You.

Happy New Year!

Olive Rockfish