Why is it that in the winter, when the tires on our cars are most likely to lose air pressure due to the cold air, that the gas stations decide to remove their air hoses?  Yeah, yeah, I know.  The metal tips tend to get frozen and not work quite right, but really, haven’t we become technologically advanced enough to figure this out?

If you need air, the one place I’ve found that still has the hose out is the east-side Holiday station in Little Falls, the one that used to be a Conoco.  By “east-side” I mean the eastern-most one.  The two Holiday stations in Little Falls are only a couple of blocks apart on Highway 27, one on either side of the Highway 10 bridge.  Use the bridge as your factor in determining east and west for the Holiday stations.

Gasping for air,

Phineas F. A. Pickerel