There has been some discussion over the past few weeks at Royalton City Council meetings about a water pipe that runs across the Platte River Bridge.  Apparently, there’s been some damage to the heat tape and insulation on the pipe, which could lead to the water in it freezing.  That wouldn’t be so good for residents being supplied water through the line.

In looking for a low-cost solution to the problem, Mayor Andrea Lauer decided to go online and ask about it on something called “Mayor Search.”  She got responses from 15 mayors, which gave her information to present to City Council members so they could make an informed decision.  Now, that’s using your noggin.  Rather than replace the expensive heat tape, based on the advice given by those online mayors, Royalton will be replacing the less expensive insulation.

The lesson in all this?  The internet has opened up a ton of possibilities, which are available to all (including small-town City Councils) if only we decide to take advantage of them.

Kudos to you, Mayor Lauer.

Clapping my fins and bowing in respect,

Phineas F. A. Pickerel