Its been about a year since my Grandmother, Little Falls resident Marie Ring, became a U.S. Citizen. While in itself such an event isn’t so out of the ordinary,  it is perhaps more extraordinary because Marie was 106 year old at the time and rumored to be the oldest person in America to have obtained her U.S. citizenship. Marie immigrated to the U.S in 1906 and has resided here ever since. Though nearly a year old, the story caught the attention of Minnesota Public Radio’s (MPR) Jeff Horwich, producer and host of MPR’s In the Loop. Horwich said that he was reviewing news stories from the past year, looking specifically for stories that appeared to have been overlooked. After a brief discussion and a couple corresponding emails, Horwich  scheduled an interview with now 107 year old Marie and family members. The interview will take place at St. Otto’s in Little Falls, MN on Monday, December 10th.

Information regarding the upcoming airing will be forth coming.