Oxfam Unwrapped

I hate shopping for someone who already has everything. It reminds me of Uncle Pinky who had everything including original Van Gogh sketches, purchasing a gift was sort of a quandary. A family member once told me that they gave him a signed copy of Seven Year in Tibet, a few years later the book was re-gifted back to him after it was signed by the Dalai Lama. Yeah, like that. Uncle Pinky died a few years ago,  but I thought about him when I discovered the Oxfam Unwrapped website.

Oxfam International came up with a list of items that people around the world identified as items they needed to change their lives for the better. The list includes bug nets for sleeping under to prevent Malaria, a goat to produce milk that can be food or sold for income. The gift recipient will receive a card with a picture of the item purchased along with an explanation of how a goat, or a donkey or a camel can make a difference.

If you have an Uncle Pinky on your shopping list, or are just looking for something new and different check out Oxfam America Unwrapped, its a gift that keeps giving.

Brooke Trout

In Memory of Wynn Stuart Binger

12/7/1940 – 10/19/2003