A little item in the Morrison County Record’s report of the Little Falls City Council’s recent meeting caught my attention. The Council approved continuing to retain Toni Wetzel as the city attorney. This without putting the work out for bids. The agreement was approved by a vote of five to three. By this time, we should all be able to figure out exactly who voted together in the majority because they always vote together.

The three dissenting voices were Mayor Cathy VanRisseghem, Mike Doucette, and Kate Davis, the three Council people who’ve had the most experience with city government and understand that you have to let things like this out for bids, not because of the competency of the current position-holder, but because the Council might be able to find someone who is just as, if not more, competent, but costs less. Kind of curious that those voting without calling for bids are the very ones who always bellyache about the city going into debt. Getting bids also allows others the chance to serve the city in positions that are hired out. As Kate Davis said, “And, we are an equal opportunity employer.” Right now, we aren’t seeing the Council live up to this commitment.

Voting with the minority fish in the city pond,

Phineas F. A. Pickerel