I watch the news regularly at 5 and 10, I also follow a number of online newspapers published in London, Australia and the Middle East. I’m always struck by what stories are emphasised in American news and what stories grab headlines in the UK, Australia and the Middle East.

Somewhere I missed any coverage on the lawsuit against Chiquita.  Despite claiming that they weren’t really funding terrorism with the 1.7m they paid to paramilitary groups, they have agreed to pay a 25m dollar fine.  Jonathan Reiter, the plaintiffs’ lawyer in New York, said: “It was about acquiring every aspect of banana distribution and sale through a reign of terror.”

Chiquita sued for Colombia Killings (Reported by Al Jazeera)

Chiquita admits to paying Colombia terrorists (Reported by MSNBC)

Another endorsement for locally grown produce. Jeez.