About a week and a half ago I toured St. Gabe’s new emergency room with my clumsy guppy girl. While we were there I overheard family members talking about a SWAT team of about 13 … a civilian was shot but it wasn’t apparent who the shooter was.

Whatever it was that happened, the person next to us in the brand new E.R…destroyed the hospital room. Broken equipment was in the hall and one nurse told another that the walls were gouged and that the room was destroyed. Since this is mostly overheard information, I made a point of checking last weeks Record and this weeks looking for the whole story on what happened and what the total cost of the damage to the property was but I didn’t find anything.

If I had time I’d make some calls and publish the story myself but I’m booked this week. So, I was wondering, can someone at the Record find out what happened because I’m really curious?

Brooke Trout

Question: How many dead deer photo’s does it take to gag a newspaper?