I got a little notice from Public Agenda the other day, passing along news from Facing Up to the Nation’s Finances that stated that the United States is now officially $9 TRILLION in DEBT.  Is that not the most ungodly sum you’ve ever heard?  Think of all the interest we’re paying on that debt.  (My heart just skipped a beat.)  And conservatives have the gall to call liberals tax and spend?  At least liberals have the equation figured out.  You don’t spend unless you have the money in hand.  The new-fangled conservatives we’ve been dealing with these last couple of presidential terms are credit card conservatives.  Just charge it.  Someone else will pay it later.  At what point do you think the United States will have to declare bankruptcy?

If that $9 TRILLION DEBT hasn’t left you unconscious on the floor and you’re still brave enough to take it, you can keep track of the debt down to the penny on TreasuryDirect.

From the sandy floor of the pond,

Phineas F. A. Pickerel