On October 25, 2007, the Morrison County Record published an inspirational message by Pastor Ryan Olson of the Little Falls Alliance Church. The message was called “There is a way out from temptation” and it recounted a story of temptation faced by Pastor Olson’s daughter. Pastor Olson’s daughter had an affinity for eating sweets and peanut butter in what her father thought was inappropriate quantities. He continues the story by telling us that his daughter was eventually able to overcome her temptation to eat massive quantities of peanut butter. She had asked her father to completely remove the peanut butter, thus removing the temptation.

In pondering temptation, Pastor Olson suggests in the article that that which tempts us is the enemy. He says,

“It is difficult to totally understand why God allows the enemy to tempt us, but he promises a way out. We can ask him to put a lid on.”

Reflecting on this, I think that perhaps God does not place before us temptation as an enemy. Rather, God uses that which tempts us as a tool to teach us responsibility. Many of the things that tempt us are not inherently evil, nor are they things from which we must necessarily abstain. Instead, we need to learn to indulge in certain things in a responsible manner. Peanut butter is not in and of itself the enemy. I think God is trying to teach us to put the lid on all by ourselves.

I prefer chunky to creamy,

Suckerlip Blenny