I’ve been waiting to see Sicko, the most recent documentary by Michael Moore on the American health care system. Unlike other films by Moore, he covers an issue that is no longer partisan within the American public, health care. The American health care system is wretched, inhumane, repugnant and broken. We are chicken shit for allowing it.

What about all the people who work in this massive system, where is our moral compass?

When I traveled overseas it was apparent that the British government is afraid to make the British people too angry. I remember in one conversation about GMO’s a British citizen said, “if anyone planted that over here the community would storm your field and rip your crop out with their bare hands.”  Hence, the will of the people prevails.

Government exists for the people, what happened and why do we put up with it?

Here is the movie trailer to: Sicko

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Brooke Trout