Is it just me, or is the Morrison County Record on the skimpy side these days?  Either there’s very little news to report, or the Rec is cutting back on its news department.

In case you missed the November 4, 2007, issue, let me sum up:

There was an explosion and fire in a silo at the ethanol plant north of Little Falls.

The Little Falls City Council is allowing the Friends of Linden Hill to lease the site and is turning over $150,000 of the remaining funds to the group.  The Friends of Linden Hill Board Chair, Susan Paulson, is not pleased with the strings the City Council is attaching to the lease, saying, “I find this to be a very controlling lease.”  I’d say that perhaps a controlling lease is needed when turning the operation of city property and $150,000 over to an unproven group.

The Little Falls City Council interviewed two more City Administrator candidates and will be considering an ordinance to allow minors in bars with their parents until 9 p.m.

Voters in the city of Pierz will be deciding whether to approve a referendum to build a new city hall and library.

And there you have it – the major news in Morrison County for the past week.  In a nut shell.  Actually, for that amount of news, they could have printed it on a nutshell.

Swimming quietly,

Phineas F. A. Pickerel