Her personal life took her away from the common daily routines she was accustom to, moving is always a big undertaking she thought as she wrapped stemware in the Wreckord. But just as she began crumpling sections of news print to pad her Spode Christmas China she noticed Tom West’s column, headlining himself in third person…again.

The headline read, False alarm makes him face up to his mortality. “Oh, for heaven sakes,” she said wiping her hands on her apron. As she skimmed the page she felt sorry to learn of Tom’s recent health scare and relieved to know that Tom’s heart was alright. All the same she wondered, is headlining ones self in 3rd person really necessary?  Did his headline have to include the proverbial he?  Wasn’t a headline that said, Facing up to Mortality, less schmaltzy?

As she placed the page under the dog food dish she wondered if other columnists headline themselves in third person and she set off to investigate. 

Lounging in Slippers on Friday,

Brooke Trout

Part 1: Tom West’s 3rd person reference

Part 2: Tom West in 3rd person, The Sequel