The search for a Little Falls City Administrator is getting to be a regular saga – it may unfold for decades at the rate it’s going.  In the October 28, 2007, issue of the Morrison County Record, Joyce Moran reported on the results of four candidate interviews conducted recently.  An unnamed candidate, the lone female in the field, was called “strong-headed” and hacked for not wanting to leave her farm and move into the city if she got the position.

Is this not calling the kettle black?  This City Council is so strong-headed that it’s willing to pass ordinances that go against state law (i.e. the ordinance that requires that the city admin live in the city).  The Council better realize that it’s going to take a strong-headed person to deal with all of their conflicting personalities and petty bickering.

Turning into a hammer-headed shark,

Phineas F. A. Pickerel