The new addition of St. Gabriel’s Hospital in Little Falls, MN, has officially been dedicated, now that the ribbon has been snipped.  Lots of community money has been thrown at the addition.  And for what?  That’s a question that has passed over these fishy lips and the fishy lips of several acquaintances.  If I remember correctly, not so many years ago, the hospital was remodeled, also using lots of community money.  Since that remodeling, which was ostensibly done to attract more patients, it seems that the patient population decreased, rather than increased.  Many hospital beds remained empty.  So why do we need a newer and bigger addition?  To remain competitive with the other newer and bigger hospitals in neighboring communities?  Even though insurance companies will no longer cover long hospital stays?

And we wonder why the cost of health care is so high.

Oh, my aching fish belly,

Phineas F. A. Pickerel