I ran across a couple of articles that may be of interest to local folks.  Morrison County has long ranked as one of the poorest counties in Minnesota, Swanville turkey-farming millionaires, not withstanding.  Perhaps we need an uprising of sorts, especially because the gap between the rich and the poor is widening under the current administration.

According to Slate.com, past wealthy Americans knew better than to rub their riches into too many poor faces or they might have an angry, if poverty-stricken, mob to deal with.  This potential is what caused so many wealthy Americans to donate to charitable causes.  Check out the full article, called “The Rockefellers and the Angry Commoners” by Beverly Gage, on past class warfare in America.

Then, take a look at this story on MSNBC.com on how a Colombian man is dealing with his poverty.  I have to say, donning an iron mask does seem to be taking things a little too far in getting the wealthy to pay attention, but at least the man’s attempting a creative solution (as long as he doesn’t die before making the wealthy feel guilty).

Without resorting to an iron mask or violent protests against the wealthy, how can we improve the standard of living overall for the citizens of Morrison County?   Put on your thinking caps!  If you really like iron, go ahead, but don’t sew your mouth shut .  We need to hear you and there’s no sense in dying for the effort.

Wishing for fish food for all,

Phineas F. A. Pickerel