While reading online I ran across an article on parents claiming that vaccinations contradict their religious beleifs in an effort avoid getting their children vaccinated.  I thought it was a topic of interest since I recently posted on the pandemic and first responders who avoid vaccinations. There is also another more personal reason I pay careful attention to vaccinations stories; my oldest son suffers from a form of Autism called Aspberger’s Syndrome.

When my oldest son was very young I took him in to the doctor for his next set of vaccinations, I don’t recall exactly how old he was, only that he was about 9 months old. Following the shot my son became ill with a very high fever and suffered a seizure. His pediatrition told me that the onset of illness was unrelated to the shot and a EKG was done about a week later with no unusual findings.

Years later my son’s cousin in Oklahoma also suffered a shot reaction, his development quickly atrophied and he was diagnosed with Autism.

My son wasn’t diagnosed with Asperbergs  until he was almost 25, until then I just knew that my son wasn’t thriving. He was a Mensa genius with no social aptitude. For years I wondered if it was possible that I was so lacking as a mother to have caused such a profound deficiency. After suffering a bout of depression my son was diagnosed with Aspbergers. It wasn’t until I heard that my sister-in-law had talked about a shot reaction that my memory was jogged and I remembered my son’s seizure.

Since then I have found articles indicating that children with autism are likely to a sibling with an immune disorder…my daughter has an immune disorder. She has no immunity against colds, flu, strep, staph that kind of stuff. Her immunologist put her on a constant dose of anitbiotics then recommended that she have a flu shot to see if it boosts her immune system and to see how she responds. My gut tightened when he suggested a shot, he went to get the a nurse then stopped and said, why don’t we wait until the newest version is released. That moment was a blessing because as I drove home, I thought about him saying …lets see how she responds and I thought, no. I don’t trust that enough is known about the cause and effect of vaccinations. We have a family history of shot reactions…no.

I don’t claim to understand the correlation, but I can say that I’ve joined the parents who are opting out of immunizations. I was also very unsettled by the way the doctor said lets see how she responds…hecause he honstely sounded hesitant like he was guessing about something he couldn’t predict.

Fortunately in Minnesota we don’t have to claim religious reasons to bypass vaccinations, we can claim philosophical objections and sign off as a concientious objector and I’ve joined those ranks.

sleepy fishy,

Olive Rockfish