I noticed on Morrison County Records website that the House of Representatives, Health and Human Service Committee are holding hearings on rural health care issues from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Initiative Foundation on Friday, Oct. 19th. Experts will discuss health care needs in rural communities then the floor will be opened for public discussion.

Good, because the medical care we’ve received since we’ve moved here has been the worst we’ve ever had –  bar none. When you have a sick child and a doctor refuses to give you a referral saying, “well, she’ll probably always be sick,” it doesn’t instill confidence. After being blown off by doctors at Family Medical Center for years. We finally contacted our old doctor and asked him to send our current clinic a letter urging them to refer my daughter to an immunologist, as he had previously recommended. Our old doctor did as we requested and we obtained the needed referral, my daughter was subsequently seen in immunology and diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder.

It’s one thing to say that she was at last diagnosed but the delay meant that we had no diagnosis to offer the school to account for all of her absences. Had a timely referral been made my daughters education could have been salvaged regardless of her illness.

Shortly before my daughter was diagnosed with an immune disorder I read a story in the Morrison County Record about another Little Falls resident who suffered from illnesses for years. While wintering in Florida she saw doctors there and was also diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder.

I don’t know if she too saw local doctors or not but it concerns me that diagnosable illnesses are going undiagnosed in Little Falls. I will be curious to hear the results of this hearing.

Olive Rockfish