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Congress is voting this month on whether to support clean, affordable water for future generations, and they need to hear from you. On the 35th anniversary of the historic Clean Water Act, it’s time to stand up and make sure everyone has access to clean, safe and affordable waterAll it takes is a quick phone call to your Representative in Congress,

Call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask to be connected with your Representative.

(find out who that is at www.house.gov/writerep).

Today’s the day to something great for fish…for people…for the environment…for Earth. After you’ve made that important call, post a commment on Fish Wrap telling us that you are Fish Friendly!

Fish Friendly,

Brooke Trout

If you need coaching here a sample script:

Sample phone call script:

“Hi, this is ______Your name____, a constituent calling from ____city & state_______. I’d like to urge the Congressman/woman to vote YES on the resolution introduced this week by Rep. Blumenauer and others in honor of the 35th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act. Please also let him/her know that I support the creation of a trust fund for clean water as a way to protect America’s water for future generations, and I urge him/her to do the same by working for such a bill this year.Can you tell me if the Congressman/woman supports the creation of a trust fund for clean water?

Thanks for your time.”

If you live in the Little Falls area your Congressman is Jim Oberstar, he is the countries historic memory of the Clean Water Act, he worked on the bill as a congressional staffer in the early 1970’s and was elected to office a few years later. The Clean Water Act has ensured that American’s today still have one of the safest water supplies in the world. Take the time to thank Congressman Oberstar for his vision and decades of environmental leadership.