Have you noticed that Little Falls Hardware Hank is getting a face lift?  While a little sprucing up may have been needed, who decided to cover up the ultimate maintenance-free siding (brick) with wood?  And not just any wood.  They’ve decided to give the building that old-timey log feel, as though that’s somehow more authentic, or historic, or whatever.  (I’ve got news.  The earliest buildings in Little Falls did not look like this.)  Let me predict what’ll happen.  In X-number of years, when the north woods log theme loses its charm, someone’s going to remember there’s brick under there and decide to take off the faux logs in order to restore the building to its original look.  How about we try to think ahead a little bit and save future inhabitants from having to go through the historic restoration work so many have recently gone through?

Phineas F. A. Pickerel