I  have to extend a big, hearty BRAVO! to Newsweek’s Brian Braiker for his report on the recent E.Coli outbreak. I’ve followed stories on food contamination for at least a decade. When I picked up the Newsweek story I was prepared for the same horse hockey everyone else prints about E.Coli. To my utter delight, I found a story that told the public the truth; E.Coli is a byproduct of factory faming.

Back when cattle were actually grazed, we didn’t hear about E-Coli.  In fact, even in confinement, 80% of E.Coli would be reduced if the cattle’s diet was switched from a corn base to hay a week before slaughter. I’ve known this since the 1980’s,  so its aggravating to read report after report where everyone pretends that the sudden existance of E. Coli some big mystery and that the solutions is some illusive answer just out of industries reach. This story was also unique because Newsweek discussed the outbreak with the author of Fast Food Nation, investigative reporter Eric Schlosser.

Here is a link to a cartoon on where food comes from: The Meatrix

The story was well done, be sure your ground beef is too!

Olive Rockfish