I had occasion to be traveling through Royalton last night and something red caught my attention.  A box, a big, red, metal box sitting outside of Scottie’s Log Bar, quite visible from Highway 10.  The box says “Clothes and Shoes.”  I’m making an assumption here, but it appears that the box is for collecting clothing and shoes.  As I was on a drive-by, I didn’t have a chance to examine the box more closely.  Is it for gently used clothing and shoes, so they can be donated to the needy, or is it for unwearable clothing and shoes, so they can be recycled in some fashion?

Yet another mystery to solve in Morrison County.

The shoes will do me no good, but I’ll take a pin-striped shirt please . . .

Yours in recycled finery,

Phineas F. A. Pickerel