A report in this week’s Morrison County Record about a closed meeting rankled me again.  According to the paper, the Little Falls City Council “affirmed the only business discussed during a closed meeting Sept. 24 was the possible land acquisition of the former central office building from the school district.”  I wondered why such a meeting was closed.  I didn’t think this sort of issue fell under the Open Meeting Law in Minnesota, but it appears that it does.  According to a document I found online about the Open Meeting Law, “a meeting may be closed to discuss certain issues relating to government property sales or purchases.”

Whew!  I thought maybe the Little Falls City Council was starting to take pages from The Secrecy Handbook of the current White House administration.

With scales no longer rankled,

Phineas F. A. Pickerel

P.S.  That link above on the Open Meeting Law is the html version, so it’s not the prettiest document in the world.  There’s a pdf version you can find if you google “Minnesota Open Meeting Law.”