Shortly after Senator Amy Klobuchar was elected to office some friends of mine commented on the Morrison County Records placement of the story following Klobuchar’s election to office. The reason they thought it was so odd was because Klobuchar’s election to the United States Senate was historic in that she was the first woman the state of Minnesota has ever sent to fill a seat in the U.S. Senate. My friends complained that the Record buried the story behind a litany of news stories that were less noteworthy. 

After reviewing this weeks edition of the Morrison County Record, it seems the paper is making a practice of playing “Where’s Amy?” This week Klobuchar was buried behind the classifieds…second to the last news story of the C section. Senator Klobuchar was presented with the National Farmer’s Union’s Golden Triangle Award, the organizations highest award for leadership on behalf of farmers and rural communities. Specifically, Klobuchar was honored for her contributions to renewable energy having introduced a number of bills that promote its use. The recognition Klobuchar’s earned from the paper was placed behind the Records coverage of the 4-H’ers who entertained children at Camp Ripley’s open house and the 4-H dog show.

In contrast, Senator Norm Coleman was headlined  for making an announcement about economic development funds. Coleman’s headline landed on page 7 of the A section directly under the “Government” banner. While the economic development funds coming to Morrison County is good news, based on the article it appears that Coleman had nothing to do with why the funds were earmarked for our area, only that he happened to be the guy who made the announcement.

Recap: Klobuchar wins a national award for work on renewable energy that will benefit the entire country and Coleman brings glad tidings. Breakdown: Coleman burps the Record coo’s, Klobuchar sings an aria and the Record says… I don’t think it had the same resonance as Coleman’s belch, you’ll have to try harder if you want your work to be deemed worthy of our Government section.

Swimming is slippers on Sunday,

Brooke Trout