A little item in the Little Falls City Council report in this week’s Morrison County Record caught my attention.  And I quote:

[The City Council] “spoke of giving The Friends of Linden Hill money to hire a director for the complex, even though the group has not officially received approval for being a nonprofit . . . .”

What fine kettle of precedence will this set? “Hi, we’d like some money from the city.  Yes, we know we’re not officially a nonprofit, and therefore we don’t really have a legal structure for accepting the money, or for being held legally accountable should we do something with the money we’re not supposed to, but still . . . .”

Over the years, the Little Falls City Council has shown a strange weakness for Linden Hill, allowing the caretakers to spend down what should have been an endowment by not properly overseeing the budget.  This is in contrast to its micro-management of every other sort of spending the city does.  The current City Council has harped on being averse to debt, yet here it is, entertaining the idea that funds should be passed to a group of people with no legal standing to receive them.  And what happens should the group not get the nonprofit designation?

I suggest the City Council exercise a little patience in this matter and wait ’til all the i’s are dotted and the t’s crossed.

Swimming lazily about the river ’cause the homes aren’t going anywhere,

Phineas F. A. Pickerel