September Storm         Yesterday afternoon I drove to Walmart to pick up a prescription. As I got out of my car I stopped long enough to take in the daunting afternoon sky. As I was walking to the door  I assessed the skyline and noticed sheets of rain battering the far end of the parking lot.  It was very strange to stand in a spot and see a torrential down pour pull up along side of you without hitting you.  I of course was keenly cognoscente at that moment that it would only be a matter of seconds before I got pummeled to the tar like the Wicked Witch of the West. So, I did what anyone would do in the face of getting pummeled…I ran.  Within 5 steps a gale force, showering gust slapped me in the face. Suffice it to say, by the time I reached the door I was soaked.

Leaving Walmart was a breeze. I was already wet; I chuck my shoes into my shopping bag and sprinted to the car barefoot. When I arrive home my power was out, I phoned my mother 5 miles away who said…we didn’t get anything here.  

If you weren’t in the path of the wind gust I experienced and my mother missed out on, here is a photo I took on my way home that I hope will help illustrate. Click on the photo for an enlarge view.

Backstroking in my Basement,

Brooke Trout